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The gods of Eleath are closely related to the trees that are so central to all the societies the world supports. The best known and most widely worshipped gods are presented here - although many other minor deities exist, perhaps with only small tribal cults worshipping them.

Attitude to Mortals

Rather than describing the gods with a traditional alignment they are described in terms of their “attitude to mortals”. In the realm of the gods things are rarely as simple as “good” or “evil”.

The Pronouns of the Gods

All the gods of the Silvatheon have been known to appear to mortals in both female and male guises, so they are generally referred to using they/them pronouns unless in an obviously gendered form in a particular context.

The main gods of The Silvatheon are:

There may be other minor dieties linked in the full category list, below.

A note on the names of the gods

Those with a little knowledge of Latin names of trees might easily recognise that these are the origins of the names of the gods of the Silvatheon. This is mentioned as this may help DMs (or even players) when creating more minor deities.

Gods outside of The Silvatheon

Although not strictly gods the moons of The Cortege, seen in the night sky are treated as such in some places. See the night sky.

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