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Main Attributes and Character

Youthful, wild and carefree. Hedonistic and out for a good time.

Attitude to Mortals

Who better to party with than mortals, who must eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow they die.

May also tend to aid “sob-story” cases where mortals need a new start - particularly when Larix is in their cups.

Depiction and Symbols

A wine cup or glass. A young man or woman reclining on their side as on a couch, often with a glass or item of food in hand.

Known Avatars

Young, beautiful people, but usually with thick, very straight hair.

Worship and Worshippers

Worshipped by the young, or sometimes those who wish to throw off the restraints of society or begin a movement for revolution or societal change.

Festivals of Larix generally involve copious wine, sometimes other psychoactive substances, dancing, nakedness and love-making. Although often any pretence of worship is just an excuse to do these things, Larix is happy to endorse these festivities, and they may even join them incognito.

Worship by more serious devotees may be made in a variety of ways, although they will usually involve some form of pleasure, and will never be allowed to settle in to long-term traditions or patterns - things must always be new.

Relationship with Other Gods

Larix is envied and yet despised in equal measure by the other gods - as the young often are by the old.

Additional Notes

If you are a hopeless case and need to start over, Larix is probably the best god to turn to.

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