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Main Attributes and Character

Practical and strong. Juglans promotes bitterly honest analysis leading to increased knowledge and transformative change.

Attitude to Mortals

Wishes to see them improve themselves, and may on occasion help them to do so if they are willing to face themselves as they truly are and undergo the discipline of change.

Depiction and Symbols

A walnut, usually still in its shell. A grizzled warrior or lumberjack with crossed axes.

Known Avatars

A stern-faced schoolteacher, apprentice-master, weapon-trainer or martial-arts instructor.

Worship and Worshippers

Often worshipped by smiths (who love to use the high-quality charcoal produced from walnut wood) and other craft-workers who transform the natural into the practical. Also by diplomats and senior governors, especially while they try to affect change.

Juglans if also often worshipped by farmers or those seeking a better harvest as he is considered to have dominion over the change from seed to mature plant to harvest.

Worship will typically involve a burnt offering, with the charcoal or ashes being used in some way to change or cleanse - perhaps in drawing patterns on the body in charcoal, in producing soap with which to wash in the coming months, or in making alkaline lye to destroy some representation of the problems which have been identified.

Relationship with Other Gods

Respected but feared. Most gods, as immortals, do not appreciate the idea of change.

Additional Notes

Juglans hates the undead, seeing them as a lying corruption of life, rather than as a transformation of life to a better or improved state.

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