Sentient Species

Sentient Species Eleathean Life

The common fantasy species of D&D exist in Eleath, except that there are no flying sentient species (so no Aracocra, for example.)

The long-lived speciess, such as elves and dwarfs do have extended lifespans on Eleath, but they extend to only around 150 years (rather than the many hundreds of years common in some settings.)

All the major cultural blocks contain members from human, dwarf, elf and gnome species, with details of their relative status and distribution being reflected in the individual articles on in the cultures category. Halflings are less numerous than any of the above species, but are sprinkled throughout the world as well as there being some halfling hunter-gatherer tribes in the Tribal Lands and some halfling Fiefdoms.

Tabaxi, hobgoblins, and some other wilder species, live mainly in the tribal lands and some fiefdoms but they are found in smaller numbers in other areas. Goblins are also found in these areas, as well as forming a sizeable minority in the Keesal. Orcs are not known on Eleath.

The Equika

The only sentient species unique (as far as we know) to Eleath are the equika - the squirrel folk so vital for their agility and rope expertise in the treetops. They have no homeland, but most settlements of any size will have an equika group living there.

On Sizes

For the Eleath setting I'm using the following average size conventions, rather than those from the standard D&D sources.
In round terms:

  • human males are typically just under 6 feet and medium build
  • elves are a little taller, but slimmer
  • dwarves are 5 feet, but more heavily built
  • halflings are 4 feet, with a build between humans and dwarfs
  • gnomes are 4 feet with a build between humans and elves
  • equika are just under 4 feet, with a build lighter even than elves.

If you are looking for indicative average figures they are given for all the above speceis, for males and females below. (Other species can be estimated from these.)

Male Height5'10" (1.78m)6'0" (1.83m)5'0" (1.52m)4'0" (1.22m)4'0" (1.22m)3'10" (1.17m)
Female Height5'5" (1.78m)5'8" (1.83m)4'8" (1.52m)3'10" (1.22m)3'10" (1.22m)3'8" (1.17m)
BuildMediumLightHeavyMediumLightVery Light
Male Weight10st13lb (70kg)9st10lb (62kg)9st7lb (60kg)5st5lb (34kg)4st6lb (28kg)3st11lb (24kg)
Female Weight9st6lb (60kg)8st10lb (55kg)8st4lb (53kg)4st13lb (31kg)4st1lb (26kg)3st6lb (22kg)

And if you want to know the BMI of a typical healthy member of these species - just ask...

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