Associated Tree


Main Attributes and Character

Elegance, flexibility, gracefulness.

Attitude to Mortals

Wishes to inspire them in the creation of beauty.

Depiction and Symbols

A weeping willow tree. A mature woman with long, flowing hair.

Known Avatars

A dancer - male or female. Normally mature (rather than young) and well muscled, with exceptionally long hair.

Worship and Worshippers

Worship normally takes place in the largest open area available, and is often in the form of dance, with long streamers of woven leaves brought in to movements and clothing. Worshipped by artists, dancers, jewel-makers and other producers of things which are beautiful more than functional.

Relationship with Other Gods

Often thought to be the consort of Quercus, but is certainly of their own mind.

Additional Notes

Wise worshippers of Larix often turn to the worship of Salix as they grow older.

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