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Main Attributes and Character

Concerned with death. Apparently weak, but inexorable.

Attitude to Mortals

Is interested in the living mostly in that they will become the dead.

Depiction and Symbols

Any bone, or group of bones. Particularly the long bones, and the skull.

Known Avatars

A bone-thin old woman or man of any species with pallid skin. A skeleton, often in grey or khaki robes.

Worship and Worshippers

Temples are often building made at least partially out of bones.

Worship of Platanus is tolerated only with suspicion in many places (the gut feeling that it is associated with necromancy is not always wrong...) but it plays a mainstream role in the Keesal, where the priests and priestesses of Platanus play a key role in all funerary rites. Here they are the comforters in the inevitable transition from this life to the next.

Relationship with Other Gods

Plantanus guides souls to the other gods after their deaths, so they must be tolerated. However, few gods like to be reminded that their followers are only mortal so Platanus' company is rarely sought.

Additional Notes

The continual peeling back of the outer grey-green bark of the plane tree, revealing bone-white bark beneath, is considered to be like the removal of flesh and revealing of the skeleton in death.

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