Game Rules Specific To Eleath

Species and Background Options

The Equika squirrel-folk species is unique and important to the Eleathean setting.

Also unique to Eleath are the Waymakers - those who make and maintain the Boardways, Ropeways and Wildways that are used to travel from place to place, and which are so different to roads and paths on the ground. Waymaker has been created in DnDBeyond as a background suitable for use in this setting - details are on the Waymakers page.

Eleath - Unique Rules

Eleath has key differences to "normal" D&D settings, and some of these require new or amended rules for 5E D&D.

Falling Off A Log - falling damage, rules for grasping branches when slipping and falling.

The Miasma - the poisonous fumes found at ground level.

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