The Night Sky

Eleathean Life

The ever-present forest canopy means that in most cultures the open night sky is relatively little studied, and in fact is often considered rather frightening, or at least unsettling. The Gelb are the exception - by climbing their high-reachers (see the Gelb) the sky is open to them, and is a source of fascination for many. Because of this the names of the heavenly bodies and their interpretation in Eleath mainly stems from Gelb culture.

The Caravan or The Long Moons

Constantly visible in Eleath’s night skies are the world's pale pale rings. These appear in the sky as arches (or if you are on the equator simply a line overhead). These are commonly known as The Long Moons, or more formally as The Caravan - so called as the rings are known to be made up of many tiny shards travelling together. These bright bands are accompanied by The Cortege, a group of 6 shepherd moons which hold the many individual particles of the rings in their orbits.

In the Gelb symbology of the night sky The Caravan is considered to represent the society of intelligent beings, and the six moons of The Cortege represent the parts of a person’s existence which may be developed to keep that life productive and in good order within society.

The Six Moons of The Cortege

The Warrior

Otherwise known as The Carnelian Moon. This red-hued body represents strength.

The Tumbler

Also known as The Quicksilver Moon. The craters visible on this body make it very obvious that it is rapidly spinning. It represents dexterity.

The One Who Stands

In mottled grey The Hearthstone Moon represents endurance and the body’s constitution.

The Scrollkeeper

Small and pale, The Vellum Moon denotes the power that can be held in a few words of knowledge and that although small an intelligent creature (such as a gnome) may rule a mighty beast.

The Seeker

The Seeker is an ice moon, known as The Glass Moon, which refracts light passing through it, which can lead to some spectacular effects when the moon, the planet and the sun aligns. This nature leads to consideration of seeing things in different ways and to looking beyoned initial appearances - to the development of wisdom.

The Player

The Switchmoon has a dark side and a light side, and a significant chunk missing, so can look very different at different times. These features mean that the moon seems endlessly fascinating, and it represents charisma.

They Are Not Gods...

In the practical gnome-led culture of the Gelb The Cortege are not considered to be gods, or supernatural, but rather to represent aspects of life and serve as a reminder of their importance to individuals finding their place in the world.

However, in some areas of the fiefdoms and the tribal lands (and probably in some more way-out Gelb settlements, since no two are alike) this symbology has been extended into a mythology and they are treated as a second pantheon alongside the Silvatheon Pantheon. And who knows: perhaps they really are infused with magic and can influence those who live on Eleath…

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