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Main Attributes and Character

Strength, Reliability, Wisdom. Recognises that strength takes time to build, and that the fastest, most direct or most obvious route does not always produce the best result.

Attitude to Mortals

Positive and helpful, but does not suffer fools gladly. More likely to help those who strive to help themselves than those who plead to the Gods helplessly.

Depiction and Symbols

Foliate head. Oak leaf.

Known Avatars

A strong person in their prime, particularly a craftsman or woman. An old wise man with a long beard or an old wise woman with grey hair bound in a tight bun.

Worship and Worshippers

Widely worshipped in solidly-built temples, especially by craftsmen and rulers who care about their subjects.

Relationship with Other Gods

Widely considered to be the most senior of the Gods. Respected by most of the other Gods, but far from universally deferred to!

Additional Notes

Worship of Querkus is generally approved of in most cultures of Eleath.

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