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Settlement Sizes

As a rule of thumb for Eleath:

20 - 1,000. Typically 50 - 300. Might have an inn.
1,000 - 8,000. Typically 2,500. An inn and basic stores.
8,000 - 12,000. Perhaps a university.
Big City
12,000 - 100,000. Truly exceptional. Only a few on Eleath.

These are based on Medieval Demographics Made Easy

Title of Nobility

The titles of the British peerage are noted here as a handy reference, as I can never remember the order of them, and while Eleathean societies might not follow this exactly (or at all) it is a useful analogue, especially for the Fireflow.

Highest rank.
Comes from French for marches, so implies borders.
From Anglo-Saxon Eorl = miliatry leader or man of noble birth
Equivalent to Shire Reeve / Sheriff
From old germanic baro - freeman
Baronets, Knights and Dame
"The landed gentry"
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