Associated Tree

Sweet Chestnut

Main Attributes and Character

Superficially attractive, but often deceitful. Striking and fascinating more than conventionally beautiful. Mercurial.

Attitude to Mortals

Will tempt them with good things - or lie to them and cheat them. Whatever it takes to get them to do Castanea’s will is fair game. Genuinely great rewards are sometimes given to mortals by Castanea, but their mercurial nature should always cause mortals to be wary.

Depiction and Symbols

A series of parallel lines at an angle (reminiscent of chestnut bark.) A head with short, spiked hair.

Known Avatars

Whatever is convenient to their ends! Although short-cropped or spiked hair seems to be a favourite.

Worship and Worshippers

Tricksters, rogues and the like are keen worshippers, as are some businesspeople.

Actors and other performers also often revere Castanaea, their ability to quickly change, then change back again, speaking to the skills these professions prize.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Castanea is often also worshipped by pastry chefs and others who work with sweet things.

Worship often centres around a performance, or a feast in which sweet dishes dominate, but a large “donation” to temple coffers is often expected from those who attend. Sometimes this may seem more to be taken than given.

Relationship with Other Gods

Many of the other gods treat Castanea with the same wariness that mortals should display in their presence.

Additional Notes

Sometimes known as “the twisting one”, linking their character and the pattern of bark on the sweet chestnut.

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