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Main Attributes and Character

Betula cares above all about knowledge - the gathering and recording of all that is to be known.

Attitude to Mortals

All who desire to gather knowledge and record it are considered allies - the use to which they intend to put the knowledge gathered is unimportant.

Depiction and Symbols

The first and last letter of the alphabet in the local language are often used to symbolise Betula, as are a quill pen, a scroll or a shelf of books.

Known Avatars

Usually appearing as a robed scholar or librarian, Betula's avatars almost always have birch-white skin, sometimes "tattooed" all over with fine writing.

Worship and Worshippers

Many in the Guild of Lore are worshippers, naturally, and arcane magic users are sometimes devotees, as are spies and certain classes of criminals who work by extortion or other exploitation of information. Among the general population, however, few would consider Betula as their favoured deity. Most shrines to Betula are small, and are often associated with libraries of the Guild of Lore.

Relationship with Other Gods

Most other gods consider Betula's focus to be too narrow - gods should be interested in shaping the lives of mortals, not just learning about them! As such, Betula is often marginalised.

Additional Notes

Although paper is now common in civilised areas, many old manuscripts are written on the bark of Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera), and even now it is sometimes used to lend an important document more gravitas.

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