The Tribal Lands


Fast Facts

  • Areas of Eleath dominated by tribal groups.
  • Usually hunter gatherers. Some farming.
  • Many tribes are almost entirely single species.

Quick Reference

  • Demonym:' Varies by tribe. "A tribal" is commonly used by outsiders, and is perjorative
  • Languages: Common (spoken by some), local languages and dialects
  • Justice: Typically the tribal ruler or elders
  • Policing: Varies by tribe, but there is rarely a formal system
  • Military: Tribal warriors

Tribal Identity

The wildest areas of Eleath are inhabited by nomadic tribes. Herding beasts or birds and hunting and gathering at traditional sites dictated by their journeys with the seasons. Each tribe has its own traditions - and attitude to outsiders. Some are happy to trade and learn the news of the wider world, others let arrows or poison blow darts fly at the first sight of outsiders.

Most of the tribal groups consist entirely (or at least mostly) of a single species, and most of the tabaxi, goblins and hobgoblins of Eleath are tribe members. Many human, gnome, equika and wild-elf majority tribes also exist, but there seem to be few dwarven tribes.

Winter's Challenge

For all these tribes the long winters of Eleath are nature’s hardest challenge, and their years are centred around building up the stocks of food and firewood needed to survive them, or to reaching their traditional wintering grounds at the right time - for example when a tribe overwinters in the Ironwoods above lava pools to enjoy the heat that rises from them.

Tribal Travel and Treasures

Within tribal lands there are typically a few ropeways, but wildways are the norm, and for covering long distances some true wilderness travel is to be expected. Perhaps these journeys will be worth it, though - rumours abound of rich, un-mined tepui, rare crafts, delicious (and disgusting) foods and ancient magical secrets waiting to be found by those brave enough to seek them - although they may be guarded by creatures unheard of in the trees of more civilised lands.

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