The Equika

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The Equika - the squirrel folk - are some of the most widespread people on Eleath. This is because they are some of the most useful! There are, in fact, few equika settlements, but every settlement of any size has an equika enclave.

Smallest of the smallfolk, they rarely reach 4 feet (4 feet being the typical height of a halfling or gnome on Eleath - see Sentient Species), and are slim and lightly built, enabling them to traverse the branches others cannot reach. Add to this their gripping claws and bushy tail for balance, and they can get from tree to tree like no-one else. Need a rope getting to the next tree for your armoured Fireflow warriors to swing on? Send (or even toss…) an equika!

Often cheerful and happy-go-luck, they frequently have a tendency to vanity (especially regarding their tails) and can be a bit sensitive about their size (strange as it gets them most of their work!), especially among other smallfolk.

5e Species Rules

The equika species is set up on DnDBeyond at

Im summary the equika follow the normal Tasha's rules, have a 30 foot walking and climbing speed (even being able to climb upside down or tree branches or similar), can calculate their jump distances using dexterity OR strength, get 1.5x long jump distances. They take reduced falling damage and almost always land on their feet.

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