The Fiefdoms


Fast Facts

The Fiefdoms are the myriad small “states” dominating large areas of the forests of Eleath.

For some, “state” is grandiose as they may only consist of a collection of villages ruled by a warlord, but others take days of travel to cross and are more worthy of the name.

Quick Reference

  • Demonym: Varies by fiefdom
  • Languages: Common (Almost universal), local languages and dialects
  • Justice: Varies by fiefdom
  • Policing: Commonly known as "The Guard", but varies in some fiefdoms
  • Military: Most fiefdoms maintain a standing army, or at least have reservists who train regularly

As Different As Can Be...

Although inhabitants of the larger cities in the Fireflow and Keesal cultures might lump together “The Fiefdoms” as if they are homogenous and on the edges of civilization they are in fact hugely varied. They may be ruled by a stable, hereditary monarchy, a democratic system of some kind, or by a series of despotic rulers ascending to power through backstabbing or open coups.

They might be bastions of distinctive artistic and literary traditions, collectives of hard-working farmers, or their economy might be centred around the growth and exploitative export of harmful narcotics to other cultures, or raiding of neighbouring fiefdoms.

They may be “racially pure” as a single species, a mix of those of all species with like minds and hearts or even a dominant species with a subjugated minority.

Their borders may have been stable for generations or they may change every year as a result of border skirmishes.

Fiefdoms may be fiercely independent, grouped in shifting alliances, or paying tribute to a more powerful ruler. In short, those not already familiar with the fiefdoms of a particular area should tread carefully, or they may be surprised by what they find in these forests with no “long range” order or unifying force.

This very disorder, however, makes the idea of adventuring within them attractive: so many leaders all with tasks to be completed (perhaps with “plausible deniability” in a neighbour’s domain) and rewards to give to those who can help them to achieve their aims.

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