The Grand Unity


Fast Facts

  • The Southern, original Fireflow state.
  • Ruled by the Amberdew-Hjalstrom hearthbond.
  • Founded more than 600 years ago with the Fireflow culture.

Quick Reference

  • Demonym:' Union, or sometimes Grand
  • Languages: Feray (Dwarvish/Elvish bridge language), Common (Almost universal)
  • Justice: The ruling hearthbond (local, regional, national) and their appointed magistrates
  • Policing: The Bondguard
  • Military: The Hammer of the Fireflow (confusing, now that the Fireflow is multiple states.)

State of the Nation

The secession of Olyalas and Shemerion in The Three Nations Schism around 30 years ago did shake the boundless self-confidence of the ruling class of The Grand Unity. However, 600 years as a ruling elite takes a lot of shaking, and The Grand Unity continues to be prosperous and broadly stable, knowing itself to be the Eleathean superpower.


The Amberdew-Hjastrom hearthbond, founded at the inception of the Fireflow culture over 600 years ago continues to hold sway, bringing new members into the hearthbond at each generation to maintain continuity. The aristocracy which forms their court is equally well established.

They are still generally respected as good, civilised rulers, but some say that with each passing decade and century a little more wealth is held by the ruling hearthbond and the aristocracy, and a little less by ordinary folk...

Geography and Economics

Extending from the relative cool of the Linemarmelta river in the north to the warmth of the Inner Sea in the south, and encompassing several large groups of tepui The Grand Unity is fortunately located indeed. The abundance of rich farmland and mineral resources forms the basis of the Grand Unity's wealth and long-established power.

Centrally located, trade with the Fiefdoms the Keesal and the Gelb increase the riches of the state further, and if there are some tensions making trade with the northern Fireflow nations of Olyalas and Shemerion more limited than might be wished these minor border issues have a relatively minor impact, and food and other goods remain plentiful and varied - at least for those who can afford to buy more than the basics.

Key Locations

Drandomanat (Capital)

Probably the largest city on Eleath with almost 17,000 residents, Drandomanat is built to show the wealth and power of it's lord and lady masters. Grand buildings dominate the upper levels in the trees, with sweeping bridges and ornamented wood, iron and ropework drawing the eye to fine craft and design at every turn.

Lower in the stratified city (see Cities and Towns in the Trees things are less fine, and there are significant parts of the lower city which most would consider slums.

The inhabitants are, unsurprisingly, around 2/3 elves and dwarves, but all species of Eleath can be found here to some extent, with particularly significant human and halfling populations, and of course the equika enclave found in almost every large town or city.

The city is site close to rich tepui, but the industry centred around them is considered almost separate from the city proper (extending from the northeaster borders of it), often being though of as somewhat beneath the noble lines which the elite like to view from their windows.

Also the military centre of The Hammer of the Fireflow, the barracks and training grounds on the south east of the city lend their character to all three strata on that side of the burgh.


Until the Three Nations Schism, 30-40 years ago, the history of The Grand Unity was the history of the Fireflow.


Img:360*1200*GrandUnityMap.png Δ

(Note that mountain symbols indicate concentrations of tepui.)

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