Fast Facts

  • The Northeastern Fireflow state.
  • Ruled by the Blom-Aefaren hearthbond.
  • Founded around 30 years ago in The Three Nations Schism.

Quick Reference

  • Demonym:' Olyalan
  • Languages: Feray (Dwarvish/Elvish bridge language), Common (Almost universal)
  • Justice: The ruling hearthbond (local, regional, national) and their appointed magistrates
  • Policing: The Bondguard
  • Military: The Hammer of Olyalas

State of the Nation

Although there are still tensions on it's borders, with passing in to the other Fireflow culture states of The Grand Unity and Shemerion tightly controlled, Olyalas now feels established and prosperous.


Olyalas is ruled in the traditional Fireflow manner by a ruling hearthbond - in this case Blom-Aefaren. They are generally considered to rule fairly, if somewhat harshly and austerely.

The Blom-Aefaren hearthbond was formed by Brasgritaine, a daughter of the hearthbond which previously held the dukedom of Olyalas - a vast tract of the Fireflow north of the Kapak river - with her elven lover Elduin, also of northern nobility. This was done with the full support of their well-respected parents (see History below) and the people of the region generally feel very loyal to them. There are now 5 members of this hearthbond.

Geography and Economics

Olyalas is in the cool north, spanning the transition from deciduous to coniferous forests, so has adequate rather than rich farmlands and food production. However, it encompasses the largest concentration of tepui in the north of Eleath, and from them come it's riches - in minerals, ores and gems - and it is a rich state.

Trade with the Fiefdoms to the north and east and into the Keesal retain all their old profit, but the ongoing border tensions between Olyalas and the other Fireflow nations have made trade there slower, which has made national finances somewhat tighter, and made easily available cuisine simpler and less varied. Nevertheless, life in Olyalas remains comfortable for most.

Messenger Network

Those looking to send messages long distances in Olyalas had better hope they are nobles, or have significant coin to spend, as the only way to do so is via messengers.

All noble hearthbonds of any significance have those on their staff trained and trusted to convey messages, usually in sealed, written form, within their sphere of influence, and to those above and below them in the heirachy of the nobility. For the key hearthbonds this can entail quite a number of staff with no other duties.

Private individuals (such as merchants) may maintain similar servants, or may seek out couriers on an ad-hoc basis. Either way, the costs are significant and with ad-hoc hires, reliability may not be all that is desired.

Key Locations

Nytheas (Capital)

Nytheas, the capital of Olyalas, is a large city (one of the largest on Eleath) with a population of a little over 12,000 souls. Of these perhaps 2/3 are dwarves and elves with humans and then equika forming the next largest contingents, with a smattering of other species thrown in for good measure.

The city sits between two rich tepui groupings, which at the northeast and southwest edges of the city form its industrial districts, and are the source of much of it's wealth. In the space between these tepui groupings the trees are filled with lighter manufacturing, commerce, the business of government and dwellings ranging from the simple to the palatial.

Watchtowers on some of the highest tepui and defensive walls, combined with the key garrison of a martial people would make attacking the city a fearsome prospect indeed.

The Kapak and Linemarmelta Rivers

These rivers have played a key role in the formation of Olyalas as a separate state, forming it's southern and western boundaries with the other Fireflow states.

Melolonnor and Syllemellort

These two towns represent the only active crossings over the Kapap river. All crossings were cut to prevent the march of a Grand Unity army into Olyalas at the time of The Three Nations Schism, and only these two have been re-established in order to limit the border tensions.

A full boardway is in place at Melolonnor, but only a ropeway forms the crossing at Syllemellort.

Syllemellort has northern and southern quarters with travel between them limited and regulated by the garrisons which now dominates the feel of the town. Melolonnor, meanwhile faces Theleth in The Grand Unity some distance over the river - but its garrison is still the town's most influential aspect.


Taitaji is a major city on the western border of Olyalas on the Oak and Spruce Way trade route linking Nytheas and Vel-Shosha. It guards the Taitaji Marches and is home to a famous Temple of Castanaea.


Around 40 years ago a prominent dwarven daughter of the Blom-Kaljhaki hearthbond, Brasgritaine joined the ruling Amberdew-Hjalstrom hearthbond of The Grand Unity. This relationship soured, however, and she and her elven lover Elduin (also from the northeast) divorced from the hearthbond in an adversarial manner with rumours and counter-rumours of exclusion, exploitation, self-interest and even violence circulating.

Resentment of this treatment built on the generations-old perception of The Grand Unity sidelineing Olyalas, and led to the Blom-Aefaren hearthbond being formed with support from the parents of the two initial members and leading an armed secession and the founding of the new state in 642YU.

Their initial intention had been to carry the whole of the north of the Fireflow into the new state, but those in the east, influnced by the Gelb, used the tumult to found the republic of Shemerion, meaning that the Fireflow is now three states rather than one.


(Note that mountain symbols indicate concentrations of tepui.) (Also note that despite the limitations of my current mapping software, the river actually forms the southern border.)

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