Eleathean Life

Hunting on Eleath would be less familiar to those from places where life is primarily on the ground. In fact snares and traps are often preferred to hunting with bows or crossbows as an animal killed by even the best shot can easily fall to the ground far below, forming a tasty snack for the Gargantuan rather than the hunter.

Towline Hunting

Arrows and bolts with heavily barbed heads and towing fine cord are used (especially the amazingly light yet strong gelbrope), the cord being used to retrieve the kill. This is still a method very prone to failure, though, and also to the loss of precious equipment in tangles and drops. Towline hunting is popular, however, for smaller prey (such as canoti) where only light line is required, and the archery practice provides diversion and improves mastery as well as providing meat for the table.

Nets and Traps

Techniques involving casting weighted nets are used for some slower species, but more commonly tangling nets are set up and prey are driven into them by the hunters, or tempted to try to pass through them with bait. Either way the trapped animals or birds are then easily dispatched.


For keen sporting hunters falconry is popular among those with the resources to pursue it, especially among the nobles of the Fireflow and Keesal peoples.

The Thrill of the Chase

For adrenaline junkies, pursuit of kutena or panatross by riding at breakneck speed through the branches on canopy drakes, often accompanied by longclaws is a test of daring and agility. For those who want to demonstrate their sheer strength and grit, cornering a biserpillar at the end of a branch armed only with a spear earns the respect of all who value such things.

Hunting The Gargantuan

The ultimate hunting challenge on Eleath, however, will always be The Gargantuan. Large groups of upstart young warriors sometimes gather together with a plan to bring back trophies of which few have even dreamed, but fewer still - far fewer - are those who have set out to hunt them and lived to tell the taleā€¦

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