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Canoti are small herbivores that graze the branches in the early morning and late evening gloaming. They are sharp-eyed and have sensitive noses, but anyone who has seen their ears will know that their hearing is surely their most acute sense.

They live communally, and will scamper away to the warrens they maintain inside treetrunks on their sharp, gripping claws at the slightest hint of a predator nearby. (Occasionally a population explosion will lead to the digging of too many tunnels and a trunk snapping in high winds!)

They are, however, tasty eating and hunting them with a bow or crossbow with a towline to retrieve the kill is popular as well as them being a favoured snack for the predators of the treetops. Fortunately, they breed precociously, and so despite their tastiness there are usually plenty of them around.

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