Eleathean Life

Water might be expected to be a scarce resource in the treetops, but a number of factors mean that it is easier to come by than might be expected.

Collection and Storage

Firstly, over much of Eleath the fact that the trees transpire on a huge scale means that rainfall at most times and in most places is plentiful. When this is combined with cisterns formed in the branches, or sometimes in entire hollowed out treetrunks to cover periods of dry weather, water is commonly available when needed. In some zones, particularly some temperate zones close to the ocean, there are areas where rainfall is less common but mists rise regularly. In these areas the locals are well practised in harvesting water from “waterweed” (and some related plants): sponge-like epiphytes which absorb the mists.


In some areas with very dry summers, a number of species known collectively as “watertrees” are tapped for drinkable sap, the water being brought up from deep roots tapping in to groundwater below the surface.

Deep Wells

Finally, in some larger cities deep wells have been bored down through the tepui to underground water sources. The bringing of this water to the surface is a great undertaking, often involving prisoners or slaves in forced labour, or draft animals driving machines day and night, although there are rumours that within the Gelb some have managed to harness the power of the wind through their high-reachers to bring water to their tables and basins.

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