The Fellowship of the Carnelian Pauldron


If you are in trouble and see the distinctive red shoulder-pieces of one or more members of the Fellowship of the Carnelian Pauldron approaching, be glad, for you know that blows are about to be struck on behalf of the righteous and upright.

If you are engaged in some more “subtle” activity, whether actually criminal, bending the rules a little (whether or not for worthy aims), or even trying to conduct a nuanced negotiation, the “red shoulders” might not be such a welcome sight…

The Founding of the Fellowship

Since Euvroin the Just was gifted a suit of armour with pauldrons inlaid with carnelian stones by Queen Zarmandukha Umar (after she saved her single handedly from a group of wild trolls) and she founded the Fellowship its members have stood for upholding righteousness no matter the personal cost.

Membership and Money

Its members are chiefly paladins and monks (whose red pauldrons are decorative only), with a sprinkling of fighters and clerics. Members are trained in the Bastions of the Fellowship. These “dojos” are sprinkled over Eleath and supported by donations and private security work, as well as from a share of any treasures gained by members: the 20% which they are expected to contribute to the cause.

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