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The Eskee are (in Earth terms) somewhere between a sheep and a sloth, with a woolly coat and long claws. Around the size of a small sheep they are commonly farmed in all temperate and cool climate zones, there being several breeds in different areas, with the sub-arctic breed being significantly larger.

Relatively slow moving and careful rather than quick and agile they are reasonably easily contained to a large branch by placing a ring of thorns around it to prevent them from straying. (See Farming.)

With calm faces and long, curling tongues all foliage seems to appeal to them. Their cream-and-chocolate wool, often growing in irregular stripes and patches, colours the dark-and-light fleck of cheap, woollen garments everywhere. Picking the dark and light wool apart before spinning is time consuming and dull work, so for everyday wear why bother?

Eskee meat is well-flavoured and popular, although it can tend to be stringy as they age.

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