Eleathean Life

Of Months and Seasons

The 612 day Eleathean year is split into 12 months of 50 days each, plus the 12 day month of Panglast in midwinter - a time of significance in all cultures. In many a time of a midwinter feast.

Each month consists of seven weeks, each of seven days, with the 50th day always representing a holiday or ceremony of some sort.

The WarmingArvern, Vonuvern, Xyvern
GreatsunEvsol, Vusol
The CoolingTiobamfal, Qlafal, Syafal
SmallsunGladach, Glafrehir, Panglast*, Glanuhr, Glazhach
  • 12 day month of midwinter

Weekdays are simply known as Firstday, Secondday and so on, through to Seventhday (the most likely to be a day off for many workers) before reverting to Firstday for a new week.

The exceptions to this are:

  • The last day of the month, which is known as Lastday
  • Panglast, when after Seventhday there are Eighthday right through to Eleventhday before Lastday ends the month as usual.

For more information on the unequal lenght of the seasons, see Seasons.

Robes for a Panglast celebration.

A Reckoning of Years

Years are numbered according to several systems across Eleath, but the most commonly recognised is Fireflow Year of the Unification (YU).

Numbering begins with the Year of Unification, the year zero, and from from that point the numbering continues 1YU, 2YU, and so on.

At time of writing Eleath has reached the year 672YU.

(Note that in some fantasy settings the year numbering is intended to give an approximate societal and technological reference in comparison to AD in our world - that is not the case here, with society reflecting a far later "AD" date than the YU reckoning.)

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